FAQ Group: Vicocards EN FAQ

Can I use plastic coating for Vicocards?

Of course, this depends on the usage of the cards. Plastic coating will protect them and they will look fine even after a while. Please think of the environment and if it is really necessary to do the coating. If you would use matt coating, reflections while showing the cards will be avoided.

Can I use Vicocards for classic meeting formats?

Yes, that is also possible. The main idea is to use Vicocards for video conferences. Thus not all messages of the cards will work out for classic meeting formats. We would use print size DIN A4 because of the longer distance and for better recognition.

Which paper weight should I use?

Depending on your printer we recommend 130 g/qm for best results. This is printable and it is not too thin. Paper weight of 80g/qm is fine, too. But there would be less stiffness and the usability would be not as good as with thicker paper.

How can I have quick access to my Vicocards?

Sort the cards and put them in easy reach on your desktop. Then the cards are always accessible. Extra Tipp: Put down the cards always at the same spot for faster access. There will be then no need to search for the cards.

Why are Vicocards for free?

I work since serveral years in the area of “Digital Collaboration” and I use video conferences a lot. During the video conferences I discovered a lot of problems and got to know the pain for the participants. That is how the idea developed. In addition to that I wanted to contribute something to society which …

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